Try out Nanaimo’s ONLY AUTHENTIC BBQ!

Every city worth its salt has a place that locals talk about… you know, that place that serves up the tastiest, smokiest, most delicious BBQ. In Nanaimo, that place is Smokin’ George’s BBQ!

Every day, we’re chopping up seasoned hardwoods to smoke up the most incredible pulled pork, beef brisket, pork ribs, chicken, and sausage this city has ever seen. We bake our cornbread fresh every morning, hand cut buckets of fries and mix up our homemade bbq sauces and dressings, so every time you step in our door, you can smell those flavours in the air. We don’t screw around my friend. We take BBQ very seriously.

Smokin’ George has cooked for some of the best. There’s no doubt he can cook anything, and not just in the smoker. George has pan-seared, fois gras-ed, poached, toasted, sauteed and flambeed just about everything you can imagine and for some of the finest restaurants. But his love of wood-smoking and BBQ grilling has surpassed them all. Because anyone, old, young, rich poor, fat, thin, vegetar… okay wait… everyone loves that rich taste of Southern Style BBQ. We know you will. Time and time again.

You’ll find us right in the thick of Nanaimo’s industrial action, baby. Smokin’ George’s BBQ is right in the middle of town, just off the Parkway at Mostar and Boban.

Hundreds of people pass through this intersection every day and trades guys are always popping into this area to grab supplies for work. We figured, rather than find some trendy, frou-frou location with crappy parking, we’d bring the food to the guys. Make it easy for everyone to stop in, grab a bite, or get their food to go and be right back on the road.

We make slow food… fast.