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Got the Man Cave all set to host the next big Game?

Don’t wimp out, do it up right and turn Game Day into a Real Party. Invite the gang over and chow down on some finger liking Smokin’ George’s BBQ ribs. Add some beans and cornbread and you’re on your way to a lip smacking good time.

Dinner Parties made easy

Want to look like a gourmet cook without spending all that time in the kitchen? Let us smoke a whole chicken or brisket for you to carve up at the table – your guests will think you slaved over a hot stove for hours (only we will know you spent the afternoon at the spa).

Score points at work

Order a selection of Smokin’ George’s menu items for your next staff function or meeting. Smokin’ George’s BBQ Feasts are perfect for sharing. Or let everyone choose their favourite menu item. Now you can bask in the Glory of coming up with the best morale boaster of all time.

Be the Star of Movie Night or Poker Night

… with a sandwich buffet extravaganza. We offer our pulled pork, brisket and smoked chicken by the pound and ½ pound. Add buns and all the fixins to create a tasty experience way beyond pizza and popcorn.

On your way home from work with no time to cook

… between Tommy’s soccer practice and Suzy’s Gym class? No worries, we’ve got you covered.  A Smokin’ George’s BBQ feast is what you need. Give us a call (250-585-2258) before you leave work and we’ll have it ready to go when you walk in the door.

Be the King of BBQ Ribs at your next BBQ

Everybody love BBQ ribs, but let’s face it, they are finicky and take all day. If the time commitment has you reaching for hot dogs…STOP! Let us help you be the king of BBQ you know you want to be. We can send you home with a pile of Smokin’ George’s BBQ ribs. All you have to do is heat them through on your BBQ, finish them off with Smokin’ George’s lip smacking BBQ sauce and earn your crown. Hot Dogs… get a life.

Need a quick, but nourishing bite while you’re on the go?

This one’s for our loyal following of hard working contractors who are always in a hurry and need a hearty meal to fuel their day. Pick up a pulled pork or brisket sandwich to go – a great value that will actually fill you up and keep you going.

Enjoy Smokin’ George’s BBQ in the great outdoors.

The glorious days of summer should be celebrated outside. Stop by Smokin’ George’s BBQ on your way to the beach or park to pick up your picnic lunch or dinner. We have compostable cutlery, plates and take out containers so you can have a real picnic and go easy on the environment too.

Corn Bread for Brunch?

Ooooooooooh this one’s a goody! Its not easy to make something perfect even better, but Smokin’ George has figured out a way to do just that. Next time you are on brunch duty, .take a few pieces of Smokin’ George’s delicious cornbread home to make…………Cornbread French Toast!!! Here’s how: Slice a piece of cornbread in half lengthwise, soak in milk and egg as you would for French Toast, fry it up in some butter on the griddle and serve with warm maple syrup and bacon on the side. There is a danger here that your brunch guests will never leave – be warned!

So the REAL QUESTION is: How do YOU enjoy your Smokin’ George’s takeout?

Tell us below how you enjoy the delicious smokey meals you take home from Smokin’ George’s BBQ and we’ll enter you into a draw for a Smokin’ George’s Prize Package. Thanks for taking the time to enter…

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