The Menu

Enjoy your meal on our premises or take it all home!


Pulled Pork…. $8.58

Our little porky is slow smoked with local alder wood for up to 14 hours – so tender it literally pulls apart. We serve it up Southern Style on a Portofino Bakery bun with a sploosh of our Original BBQ Sauce and a blast of coleslaw.

Beef Brisket…. $9.87

No one makes a brisket like Smokin’ George. This cut of beef packs so much flavour, it’s possible your heart may skip a beat and you’ll question your own true love. Many a man has fallen head over heels for our “Bessy.” She’s a saucy one.

Smoked “Pulled” Chicken…. $8.58

Chicken Little, this is not… so bring along your big-boy pants to handle this pile of bird. Tender, juicy, smoky chicken piled on a bun and topped with housemade sweet pickles and our tangy White BBQ sauce. This is what chickens dream about being when they grow up.

Ham & Cheese…. $8.58

This ain’t your school lunchbox ham & cheese sandwich. Ours has tender slices of house-cured ham, topped with deep fried mozza sticks, and is served up on a soft kaiser bun slathered with grainy mustard mayo. Sorry Mama…

The Porkinator…. $9.12

It’s back Baby, just like Arnie but much tastier! This sandy changes daily but is guaranteed to be piled high with a minimum of three yummy, smoky pork cuts. Check our Daily Specials board, or ask at the counter for the skinny on today’s creation.

Vegetarian…. $8.17

It’s not easy being green, but we are happy to help out! This sandwich is loaded with all things veggie… roasted zucchini, onions, peppers, Portobello mushrooms, fresh lettuce & tomato. A tasty little number… sans the meat.


Enjoy any of our sandwiches on a gluten free bun… $1.55
Add house-cured, smoked bacon to any sandwich… $2.85
Add a side of fries, coleslaw, beans or a cup of soup… $2.75[/one_half]

Stuff on the Side – Sides Combo

Order these yummy sides on their own or combine any 3 items for… $11.35

Creamy Mac & Cheese… $4.33

The Ultimate Comfort Food

Deep Fried Dill Pickle… $4.33

You’ll wanna pucker up and kiss us when you taste this delectable dilly treat that we brine in-house!

Smoked Mozza Sticks… $4.33

Creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside… can you say gooey deliciousness?!

Bratwurst Sausage… $3.95

Local sausage from Hertel’s in Port Alberni, popped in our smoker for a touch of southern goodness.

Side of Fries… $3.85

Because frozen fries from a bag ought to be outlawed. These will be the best fries you have ever had… Guaranteed.

Side Salad

Even diehard carnivores love our salads!

Caesar… $4.33

Artisan Greens… $4.33

Housemade Pork Stuffed
Tater Tots… $4.33

SG’s twisted BBQ version of a tater tot loaded up with pulled pork. Pure (evil) genius… and the kids LOVE ’em, too!

Traditional BBQ Style Sides

Order up a side of Mom’s Pit Beans, Coleslaw, Cup of Soup or Cornbread: $3.25

Meals & Feasts

Meals are served with Mom’s Pit Beans, Coleslaw, and Home Cut Fries or Cornbread

BBQ Ribs Whole Rack… $26.97
Half Rack… $16.97

True Rib Fans know a great rib when they taste one! Our side ribs are seasoned with SG’s BBQ rub, then slow cooked southern style right here in our own smokers with local alder wood. Half rack, full rack, dry or messy, you choose!

Crispy Fried Chicken Plate… $13.87
Add a third piece for… $3.75

Shmerbs and Shmices… once you get a taste of our fried chicken, you’ll never go for the bucket again. Add your favourite sides to make a plate that will go on your “best meals of all times” list.

Smokin’ George’s Combo Plate… $17.68

“But I can’t choose!” We hear that a lot. Well, pick two of the following meat items: pulled pork, beef brisket, “pulled” chicken, or BBQ pork ribs, and Smokin’ George will heap on a serving of Mom’s Pit Beans, Coleslaw, and your choice of Cornbread or Fries. “Ahh… I’m so full!” We hear that a lot, too.

Beef Brisket only… $18.83

If you know you’re coming to Smokin’ George’s for lunch, skip breakfast and save up for our Brisket Platter. Spend a bit of time dreaming about our mouth-watering beef, piled like a big heifer mountain. Covered in our homemade BBQ sauce and surrounded by fixin’s. Mm-mm-mm-moo cows… Mm-mm-mm-make me hungry.

Pig only Plate… $17.68

You know what goes great with a plate of pork? A whole bunch more pork! A mountain of our ass-kickin’ pulled pork, ribs and sausage, for real southern BBQ goodness!

Pile O’ Crispy Fried Chicken Feast
(10 pieces)… $41.08

We had to add this to our menu ’cuz Smokin’ George’s Crispy Fried Chicken is Soooo Good, people are getting addicted. We’ve added Mom’s Pit Beans, Coleslaw, Cornbread and our home-cut Fries to make it a real feast the whole family can enjoy.

Smokin’ George’s BBQ Feast… $46.66

Boys, fill’er up and break out the stretcher! We’ve got a Code Red! As in RED MEAT! Do the world a favour and don’t try to tackle this one on your own. You’re not going to win a trophy. We’re not putting your picture on the wall. We’ll just wheel-barrow your ass outta here and watch you suffer with a smile on the lawn. Our BBQ Feast includes some of everything we’ve got and is probably the tastiest assortment of food ever to be assembled on one plate. Bring a friend and share… trust me. This one’s good for 2–3 hungry people, but you’re gonna fight over that last rib!

Supersized BBQ Feast… $59.26

You know that feast we just warned you about? The one where you were told to bring a friend? Make that two friends, my friend! We just so happen to have put a little extra in the smoker today. Take your time. This is gonna take awhile for 3–4 hungry people to devour.

BBQ with a Twist

Pulled Pork Poutine… $11.32

This plate is inspired by our bon ami, Jean-Luc. His dying wish was for us to add a touch of Francophone to the menu. Sadly, his life ended after eating our Pulled Pork Poutine… fries topped with our delicious smoked pork, cheese curds, and housemade gravy. His heart just couldn’t take it. At least he went with a smile on his face. We will require a doctor’s note with a clean bill of health before you can order this.

Creamy Mac & Cheese
with Pulled Pork… $10.77

How do you make the ultimate Comfort Food even better? Top it with Pulled Pork, Oh My!

Smokin’ Loaded Baked Potato… $9.89

Covered in our pulled pork, SG’s Original BBQ Sauce, roasted onions & melted cheese, this mouth watering combo of baked potato deliciousness has its own fan following!

Three Pulled Pork Soft Tacos… $11.97

Three soft tacos stuffed with tender, smoky, pulled pork, splashed with our very own Chipotle BBQ Sauce and topped with fresh smoked corn salsa… wowza!

On The Lighter Side

Bowl of Soup with a slice
of cornbread… $7.10

Fall in love with soup all over again! Made fresh daily from bone broth made in-house, our soups are delicious and nutritious. Check the Specials Board for today’s creation.

Two Pulled Pork Soft Tacos… $8.65

Want something yummy, but you’re not super hungry? This tasty twosome is the way to go! Tender morsels of pulled pork topped with a fresh corn salsa, wrapped in a soft
tortilla… yumm!

Smokin’ George’s Caesar Salad… $8.34

Top with Smoked Pulled Chicken… $12.37

OK, we don’t want to brag, but this is probably the best Caesar Salad you’ll ever eat. Super awesome dressing, cornbread croutons and… wait for it… housemade BACON!

Just Greens… $9.97

We don’t want to be the reason your doctor tells you to eat less red meat. So let us put some fresh, artisan gourmet greens on your plate, top them with roasted veggies and add some dressing & cornbread on the side. Salad doesn’t have to be punishment… try it Mikey, you’ll like it!

Greens Topped

Nothing beats a nice healthy salad topped with our pulled pork, pulled smoked chicken, or beef brisket… and hey if you’re watchin’ your carbs, this one’s for you! Ditch the bun and go with the BBQ salad. The smoky flavour with Smokin’ George’s secret house-made dressing will change the way you feel about lettuce. Comes with dressing & cornbread on the side.

Topped with:
Pulled Pork or Pulled Smoked Chicken… $14.94
Beef Brisket… $16.82

Over the Top… $16.82

We up the anté and top those salad greens with our Daily Sandwich Special filling…. say what?! Check out the Specials board to see what we’ve got going on and, make your body oh so pleased with itself!


Check out our beverage fridge for a variety of non-alcoholic beverages from water and juices to pop. We also offer white & red wine, as well as some of Smokin’ George’s favourite local craft beers and cider. These selections are constantly changing, so please ask at the counter for our current selection and pricing.



The Sweet Stuff

Yep, we make our own desserts too but Smokin’ George likes to mix it up a bit so you just never know what he’s in the mood for. Check the menu board for today’s creation. It could be one of our chocolatey good brownies or perhaps one of our award-winning Nanaimo Bars.
Deciding on one will be cruel punishment indeed. Will it be the Truly Decadent, Bacon Topped Nanaimo Bar or the Dolce de Leche Nanaimo Bar with Bacon? So perhaps both!